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Don Blanton


Don Blanton is the founder and CEO of The WOW Factor, established in 1990 as an ad agency that creates, produces and executes innovative marketing ideas for many Fortune 500 companies, including Coca-Cola, GM, HSBC and Panasonic.

Don has been in show business since the age of 11, and is self-taught in animation, video production and computer programming.  Combining these skills, he and his company have created many products used in the entertainment, theme park, sign and digital display industries.

As an award winning executive producer and the creative force behind his company, he and his team have produced many live events and digital content that have been seen around the world and appear in countless TV shows, movies and print.

Throughout his career, Don has personally mentored and counseled a substantial number of people including adults,  high school and college students as well as performers regarding their dreams and career goals.  He is a registered speaker at many schools and organizations and will continue to use his life counseling skills in a proposed upcoming television series currently in pre-production.

This year, Don celebrates his 8th year as the "Official Voice of Times Square" and Master of Ceremonies for the New Year's Eve Celebration in Times Square, the world's most watched television event!

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