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Dr. Jackie's Coaching Mission:

Dr. Jackie's mission is to challenge you to explore the old beliefs, old expectations and outdated values which cause you pain; to awaken you to the new realities of relationships; to revitalize you so that you will be ready to welcome the ideal partner when he or she comes into your life; and provide tools to couples based on a contemporary model for marriage and commitment.



Patricia Martin Bunch

I work with adults ready to move forward from personal crisis to a place of clarity and acceptance in order to lead a more positive, happy and productive life.

In our sessions I will help you process your emotions and uncertainty so you may find a clear path to a fulfilling future.  I will help you explore a new foundation for your life and examine the many choices you have.  Through one on one sessions we will:

  • Sort through your feelings
  • Identify your options
  • Observe yourself clearly without judgement
  • See others as they see you
  • Accept yourself and others
  • Process sadness and grief
  • See others as they are

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